Social Responsibility

As Asset Medical we are committed and passionate about advancing and improving the world of healthcare and medical devices.

Our passion for a better future is not only limited to our business operations but also includes the well-being of our employees and our society.

We envision achieving our goals by promoting practices that boost equality, sustainable development, and open communication.

As a company policy, we always strive to promote equal opportunity, respect diversity, and ban discrimination based on gender, age, disability, or any other circumstance. Our policies and standards at the workplace guarantee the safety and health of our employees. We comply with all related work legislation in the country where our products are manufactured, as well as with International Labor Organization Conventions and other international standards, particularly focusing on complying with Human Rights principles established by the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner.

With our regular and periodic social responsibility projects, we put great importance on displaying a responsible and solidarity-based stance in our sector together with our employees and stakeholders.

We focus on improving the conditions of healthcare workers and the capacities of the healthcare centers. We identify the needs of the local healthcare institutions, their employees, and patients to offer solutions.

These projects range from providing healthcare workers with occupational clothing and accessories to undertaking on-site improvements and structural expansions in local hospitals and clinics.

With our sense of responsibility and solidarity, we consider contributing to the wellbeing of the healthcare professionals and organizations in our sector with various social responsibility projects as one of our main corporate principles.