NeutrArt® Neutral Displacement Needle-Free Connector

Asset’s newest portfolio addition is NeutrArt® Neutral Displacement Needle-Free Connector. NeutrArt® is a single-use, disposable connector intended for use with a vascular access device for the administration of fluids during IV therapy.

SwabArt® Disinfecting Cap

SwabArt® Disinfecting Cap for swabable needle-free valves is a single-use disinfecting product that protects patients from infection. The product contains a high liquid absorbent sponge saturated with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA).

Newly redesigned FlowArt® One Directional Needle-Free Valve

FlowArt® One Directional Needle-Free Valves are designed to eliminate reflux-related cannula occlusions.

Asset Medical
currently exports to over 40 countries.

Our export strategy is to build long-lasting relationships with distributors in key geographies and supply consistent quality
products to meet local requirements. We are also in the business of acquiring
International certifications for our product range.

Our certifications are as follows;

FlowArt ürün

Needle-free valves




NeutrArt ürün

Neutral Displacement Needle-free connectors



SwabArt ürün

Disinfecting caps for swabable needle-free valves




Asset Medical

Asset Medical is a leading Infusion Therapy and IV solutions provider in the World. The company was founded in 2009 in Istanbul, Turkey. Our purpose is to improve the safety of healthcare practitioners and patients and we work tirelessly to achieve this. Quality and customer service are at the heart of Asset Medical’s corporate culture.

Asset Medical specializes in sterile infusion therapy devices containing needle-free IV connectors, extension lines, IV filters, IV set accessories, and disinfecting caps.


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